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Season End Party 2018 Report en

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DRU Trophyparty 2018, Bitz Germany

The Drag Race Union called and (nearly) everybody came.
The Party was held in Bitz, 70 Km south of Stuttgart.
The Hillbilly Hellfire Team provided us with drinks and a perfect pulled pork buffet.
A superb location to honor the winners of the 3 Challenges run by the DRU. Super Pro ET, Pro ET and  Extreme Outlaw (similar to Supercharged Outlaw).
Germans, Austrians, Swiss, French and English Teams held a drivers meeting in the afternoon, to discuss the 2018 season and plan for 2019.
In the Evening there was food (Pulled Pork Buffet), drinks and live music.
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Most importantly the trophys where handed out to the winners.
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They are as followed:

Pro ET:
1. Martin Weikum
2. Janine Hagen
3. Petra Heldt
dsc01332 20181029 1015671662
Super Pro ET:
1. Franz Aschenbrenner
2. Oliver Petzold
3. Billy Gane, Jens Könnecke (Punktgleich)
dsc01372 20181029 1306358078
Extreme Outlaw:
1. Walle Strobel
2. Dominik Reinhard
3. Carmen Ritscher
dsc01338 20181029 1216691192

There was also a Computec Weatherstation to win at a practice tree shootout.
dsc01293 20181029 1352608878img 20181030 wa0067 20181030 1186833854
Once again, Olli Petzold has managed to fight his way through to the finals and win against Will Clark. Congratulations, well done.

A 500€ Hoosier tyres voucher, sponsored by hoosier-rennreifen.de was drawn.
dsc01340 20181029 1979363791dsc01342 20181029 1533869449
Congratulation to the winner Bastian Rosenkötter.

And the new DRU imagefilm produced by legalcolors.de was presented.
dsc01354 20181029 2034378664dsc01353 20181029 1652696514
This is the link to the video

Talking, benchracing, dancing till late night ended up a superb 2018 season in style.
Thanks to all of you, who made this evening so special.
dsc01373 20181029 1596537321

Your DRU Team

Here are the pictures

Text Markus Münch,
Remarks Jonny Niesner,
Pictures Christian Heuer