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Rivanazzano 2018 Report en

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Rivanazzano Wide Open Spring Edition, 04.-06.05.2018

Rivanazzano, the season starts in good weather. 41 ProET and 28 Supro ET riders are in the list after qualifying.
At ProET Petra (now) Heldt (we congratulate later) catapulted to 2nd place.
Mike Bruckmüller takes first place in SuPro ET, ahead of Enrico Bailo (AMP man) and Martin Schlegel.

Race day:

Since all participants have qualified here, a 64er field with 6 elimination rounds is driven. Janine Hagen prevails in the first round against Candela and in the second round against Besset. But unfortunately it has to be beaten in the third round against Angelozzi. Philipp Thurnher wins the first round against Richiardi Jonny Niesner loses in the first round against Martin Weikum, who asserts himself against Philipp Thurnher in the second round. Petra Heldt wins against Catalano in the first round has a Bye Run in the second round and has to be defeated only in the third round against Govoni. Wolfgang Seppi sends with his Duster the opponents Fah, Bailo and Villi in the first three rounds literally in the dust. Oliver Krautberger in the black Monte Carlo wins the first round against Wolfensberger, the second against Stephane Caruso and only has to give in the third round against Laurent Levi with his Gasser KO. Until lap 4, only Martin Weikum in the golden Camaro and Wolfgang Seppi in the blue Duster managed so far. Martin Weikum wins the fourth round against Angelozzi and comes through a Bye Run in the 5th round to the finals. Wolfgang Seppi sends in the 4th round Govoni on the trailer and also wins round 5 against Laurent Levi. Martin Weikum (winner of the ProET Challenge 2017) and Wolfgang Seppi (3rd place in the ProET Challenge 2017) face each other in the final.
Martin Weikum wins.
We congratulate the winner Martin Weikum and Runner Up Wolfgang Seppi.

2018 Riv ProET Winner

SuperPro ET

Round 1:
Mike "Mr Burnout" Bruckmüller has a Byerun because Sebastian Lajoux does not compete. In the "brother duel" Franz Aschenbrenner wins against Robert Gassner. Aschenbrenner did not finish the engine until the day of qualifying. Start-up well-built Hot Rod has no opponent, as Mr. Button can not compete. Edi Hildebrand, who is back on the track after a two-year break, this time in our class, loses against Patrick Dubois. Hildebrand with new PB after the weekend. Olli Petzold with Byerun, as Walle Strobel had to complain after the qualifying gearbox problems. Stefan Eisenhauer wins against Alain Dürr driving a red light. Bailo wins against Bonasso, who can not compete. Gerhard Dold came off the right track, it cost time, Fabio Cassinelli used this to victory. Christian Frei wins in the 50-year-old slingshot against Elodie Dubois (struggling with gearbox problems in her first race in Super Pro ET). Christian drives his very first 7 with the scrap iron in this run. Congratulation to Switzerland. Elodie's brother Fabien had a Byerun. Florian Uebel did not start because he was not sure if the engine had the right setup. He also drove in the quali a PB, his first 7, then he let it be good. Schlegel wins against Furani, Simon Rudiferia wins against Manuel Kreiter, the man from Bodensee. Marc Steinegger in the constant and fast Slingshot from Switzerland wins without a fight against Beat Rechsteiner, who also could not compete. Eric Mathis in red Bel Air turns red against Richiardi (in former Gerd Habermann / Tom Zellner / Bugwahn Dragster).

Round 2:
Aschenbrenner red light against Bruckmüller. Zulauf loses against Patrick Dubois and Oli Petzold wins with 0.002 seconds RT against Stefan Eisenhauer in a super-close duel. In the AMP duel, president against vice, Enrico Bailo prevails. Christian Frei redlight against Fabien Dubois, who burns in the red dragster 7.5 seconds after another on the track. Simon Rudiferia loses against Martin Schlegel. And Steinegger against Richiardi.

Round 3:
Bruckmüller has a scheduled Byerun. Oli Petzold draws against Patrick Dubois the short straw. And Fabien Dubois drives a breakout, so Enrico Bailo is on. Schlegel with red light against Steinegger.

Mike Bruckmüller sits down against Enrico Bailo against Marc Steinegger.

In the final Mike Bruckmüller defeated the Italian Bailo. Congratulations to Switzerland on the victory, to the Italian for the lead in the Supro ET Challenge, and everyone else as a participant of a good race.

2018 Riv SuProET Winner

All in all, it was again a great event. The weather was kind, the grip excellent and the organization used to be professional.

Unfortunately, the event was overshadowed by the deadly accident on Friday in the exit area of ​​the volunteer helper of the fire department Vincenco. Our compassion goes to his family.
"Per Vincenzo"

Jonny Niesner for ProET
Markus Münch for SuPro ET

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